Iona is a multi instrumentalist, proficient in:

  • singing* 

  • flute* 

  • ukulele*

  • guitar

  • saxophone

  • banjolele

  • melodica

  • piano

  • drums

  • kazoo*

* Highly skilled

She has also been the musical director on multiple projects catering for specific and diverse audiences. 


Magical Moggie. Rehearsal & Development

Photo Credit: Andrew H Williams. 


Iona also writes, composes and performs her original Musical Stories. 

"My children & I absolutely LOVE listening to Iona's stories!" 

"What a magical podcast! Iona's unique way with words, along with her brilliant voice and performance, could capture any child's imagination."

Apple Podcast Reviews 2020

Night Out in Nature, Frozen Light. bOing Festival, 2021.

Photo Credit: Paul Blakemore.

Iona is passionate about making theatre accessible to audiences who are often forgotten about. In 2021 she received an arts council grant to develop herself as a sensory music composer for young audiences with PMLD.