Iona is a multi instrumentalist, proficient in:

  • singing (Grade 8)

  • flute (Grade 6)

  • ukulele (highly skilled)

  • banjolele

  • melodica

  • guitar

  • piano

  • drums

  • kazoo (highly skilled)

She has also been the musical director on multiple projects catering for specific and diverse audiences. 


Magical Moggie. Rehearsal & Development for a new home show for audiences with PMLD

(profound and multiple learning disabilities,) composing original music for the score accompanying the show. Photo Credit: Andrew H Williams. 


Iona can often be found in her home studio, dressed as a rainbow. 

Iona also writes and composes Musical Stories. 

"My children & I absolutely LOVE listening to Iona's stories!" 

"What a magical podcast! Iona's unique way with words, along with her brilliant voice and performance, could capture any child's imagination."

Apple Podcast Reviews 2020

Listen to one of Iona's creations:

'Cookies That Come Alive' written,

composed and performed by Iona

for the Goblin Theatre Podcast. 


If you have a project requiring original composition don't hesitate to get in contact with Iona via email or through the contact page. She'll bring her kazoo...